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Piscina Privada Diego Lareo (Picnic Estudio)

I love windows

I made this drawing with KidsDoodle :)

I made this drawing with KidsDoodle :)

I made this drawing with KidsDoodle :)

I made this drawing with KidsDoodle :)



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Panic Room - Hotel Au Vieux Panier, Marseille France

From the Hotel’s Website

Au Vieux Panier

SLEEP IN A WORK OF ART! This old house of the seventeenth, and former Corsican grocery store, now home to a house urban Hosts. 5 bedrooms invested by talented artists styles. AVP invites guests to sleep in an ephemeral work of art, since the rooms change every year. 
You will experience during your stay a unique experience of art in a place steeped in history.

An exceptional situation

  • In the heart of the historic center of Marseille
  • At 500 meters from the Old Port and the economic center of Joliette,
  • 5 minutes from downtown,
  • Near museums and monuments of the city as the Vieille Charité, the International Centre for Poetry from Marseille, the Cathedral of the Major, the MUCEM, FRAC or the Hôtel Dieu.

The spirit of the House

A house dedicated to elegance and refinement, a place that is comfortable and warm. The house combines Art & Decadence, it is about freedom of expression and lifestyle. 
Ultimately, it is timeless and bold!


omg this company makes fucking Hobbit Holes in various sizes that can be chicken coops, playhouses, sheds, and even actual, functioning tiny houses! The fucking company is IN MAINE where I LIVE RIGHT NOW and I can go there and see them and I want to live in a hobbit hole and I am NOT okay, because I need this to be my life!